“Just for Gents” Promises Youthful Look, Warmer Wood Tones

“Just for Gents” Promises Youthful Look, Warmer Wood Tones

Tired of that same old gray? Wish your favorite wood stains worked on your not-so-golden locks, too? Well, step right up, fellow woodworkers and take a closer look! New this week from Rockliar, Just for Gents Wood & Hair Stain promises the best of both worlds. Now, you can tint your latest woodworking project in a cornucopia of attractive dye colors, then brush some into your hair, too! Go on, believe it!

Made from a proprietary blend of aniline dyes and petrochemical solvents, Just for Gents promises to roll back the bitter decades of time and give you the youthful look and fetching flair you used to have. Just flood it on liberally, using the included China bristle brush, then work the color in with Rocklair’s silicone, 3-TPI comb (also provided). Let it dry, and voila! A more youthful you and warmer wood tones in minutes.

Just for Gents not only works wonders for your self-esteem, it also comes in colors we woodworkers understand: Chestnut Brown, Jatoba, Red Mahogany, Dark Walnut, Antique Arts & Crafts, Provincial and Georgian Cherry. For a playful twist, try Pickled Pine, lustrous Golden Oak, hearty Gunstock or carefree Fruitwood! Choose the stain that suits your project — and your active lifestyle!

Packaged in gallons ($49.99), quarts ($29.99) and half pints ($9.99), there’s a Just for Gents size to suit any need and budget. And, changing from one shade to another couldn’t be simpler: rinse out the dye with a suitable solvent* and wrap it in a clean paper grocery bag so your noggin bristles dry nice and straight. Easy as that.

Whether your ego could use a lift or your sideboard’s purple/green poplar color flat-out needs help, Just for Gents will transform “Blah” to “Yeah!” Remember, it’s all you need for that perfect tint.

*Just for Gents is not liable for injuries that may result from washing hair with denatured alcohol, mineral spirits, lacquer thinner or ammonia. All of these choices are really, really bad ideas.


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