Just One Hole …

“What’s your next project? Working on anything cool?” are questions that I get on a regular basis. As a person who has a reputation as woodworker with advanced skill levels, I am guessing that many folks think the answer will be “a 17th century highboy replica” … or “a Ruhlmann-inspired sunbed.” And don’t get me wrong, I would like to build those sorts of things — the challenge would be amazing — but mostly my answers are more mundane.

For example, the next big project on my agenda is … an outhouse. You know, for going to the … euphemism. The facility at my sister’s cabin is falling apart, and we are having my mother’s 90th birthday party at her place in a couple of weeks, so I got the call.

In case you are concerned that I am an inexperienced outhouse builder, put those worries aside. This is, by my count, the fourth or fifth biffy I have banged together. Single- and two-holers; I’ve built them all.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

P.S.: Next Tuesday is the Fourth of July, so have a safe and enjoyable holiday, but don’t be looking for your eZine. We are taking the day off.

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