Keep on Trucking

Woodworking, as we get more into it, comes with one unique challenge. If you want to build projects of a certain size, the materials with which you work are, well — big.

This can be a problem within your shop, but most of us have addressed how to break down sheet goods and big chunks of lumber. One inescapable problem, however, is that you need to get those big pieces of hardwood or plywood from the lumberyard to your shop. Over the years, I have transported my stock in various ways — some mundane, some simply ridiculous. But, as of this week, I will once again have this problem solved.

I will take delivery on a new-ish pickup truck. I won’t say which brand — as that could start an avalanche of email that even our newly upgraded servers would buckle under. (It’s blue.) But, once again, I can now just drop the tailgate and load up lumber to my heart’s content. (And let me tell you — I have a big heart!)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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