Kitchen Cabinets

Making kitchen cabinets is something I kind of grew up doing. I started working in my dad’s cabinet shop as a young person (I was the “sanding boy” — go figure). So, having been around cabinetmaking for so long, I am surprised when I hear really competent woodworkers express their hesitance to build a set of kitchen cabinets. For that reason, I’d like to poll the gang here and ask you all how you feel about it. Are you comfortable with the idea of building your own kitchen? If not, what parts of the process are troubling to you? What sort of things could Woodworker’s Journal document (write about, shoot video, etc.) that would might help you change your mind? This is your chance; I am all ears. 
(I guess when it comes to email, I am all eyes … )

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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