Kitchen Upgrade

Rob-Portrait351With a flurry of activity, I am getting my house ready to go on the market. One of the last tasks I have to do is to spruce up my kitchen, which has all the best the 1980s had to offer.

Now, for many years I made cabinets for a living so that might be an option — except that I’ll be doggoned if I am going to build the new owners some cool new cabinets. So my next option is to make the current offerings look as good as I can.

Which brings me to my question. It seems to me that many woodworkers have addressed their kitchen cabinets in many ways. So, how have you worked on your kitchen?
Built new? New cabinet doors? Reface them … PAINT?

Let me know what you’ve done — and don’t wait too long!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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