Kobalt Tools: 53″ Tool Chest

Kobalt Tools: 53″ Tool Chest

There are tools you need for a certain function, and there are tools you “need” because, well, you just need them! Just like you need that extra dollop of whipped cream on top of your chocolate sundae! Or that fancy sports car inside your garage – except that you’ve used up all that space for those cool tools. . .

Kobalt Tools evidently feels your pain. They’ve come up with a way to do woodworking in your garage and simultaneously show off a shiny hunk of metal to anyone who comes knocking. Their 53″ Stainless Steel Tool Chest (model number 112374) comes with 16 drawers of storage for your smaller, less shiny, tools and a built-in four-plug power strip. All this is supported by heavy-duty casters with a weight capacity up to 4,000 pounds.


When you dramatically open the flip-top, two LED lights illumine your work, your tools, and the rest of the toolbox. Do you hear that dramatic “ta-dum!” music yet? You actually could with this toolbox: it has a built-in Pioneer sound system with three-way speakers and MP3 compatibility. Lights, sound – how about taste? Kobalt decided to address that sense, too, in this tool chest – it’s the first one we’re aware of with a built-in refrigerator (1.6 cubic feet).

And how much will this new toy set you back? Well, it’s currently priced at $1,698. You can find out more about it at http://www.kobalttools.com.

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