Kreg Easy Pockets

Kreg Easy Pockets

Next month, you’ll have the opportunity to find in stores the latest product from Kreg Tool Company. The makers of pocket-hole joinery systems are coming out with the R3 Kreg Jig, which marketing director Brad Lilienthal says they think will “appeal to a lot of people, from the DIYer to the weekend woodworker.”

One of the aspects of this joinery system that’s designed to make it easy to use is positioning sliders that can be adjusted to any of nine positions, without tools, to set the jig up for joining material with dimensions of one-half inch thick up to one-and-a-half inches thick.


Other features make it easier to drill all the pocket holes needed for this type of joinery. The R3’s clamp adjuster pad captures the pad of any of Kreg’s own Face Clamps, so that you can physically attach a clamp to the jig. You can also take the clamp adjuster off the R3 jig if you prefer to use your own bar clamps on the workpiece.

While you’re doing that drilling, you’ll inevitably create woodchips. Relief holes allow these chips to escape through the backside of the jig, instead of clogging up so that you have to keep increasing your force on your drill – and thus helping to keep your drill bit sharper and lasting longer.


The idea of making pocket hole joinery easier has even extended to the case the R3 Jig comes in: the case insert that holds all of the pieces of the jig has a depth collar setting gauge printed on it, while the inside of the lid holds a screw selection chart.


The R3 has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $45, and is slated to be in stores Oct. 1. For more info, visit

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