Kreg Jig K3 Master System

Kreg Jig K3 Master System

If any company is able to claim mastery of pocket-hole technology, it would be the folks at Kreg. For most of us, when we think of a pocket-hole jig or system, we think of the basic blue offerings from the heart of Iowa. And that is not an accident, according to Brad Lilienthal, marketing manager at Kreg Tool Company, who says, “It is our goal to always have the best pocket-hole tool on the market” — which, of course, was the inspiration behind the new Kreg K3 Master System.

Yes, Master!


At the heart of the Kreg K3 system is the familiar three-hole guide block, which allows accurate hole placement on narrow, wide and even wider stock. But the upgrade of the K3 is that you can move that block between benchtop use and portable base use. “It’s like two tools in one,” said Brad.

One instantly understandable enhancement to the system is the front clamping feature on the benchtop base. All the business happens in front of the stock, adding efficiency and reducing operator frustration. Included in that ease of operation is the 1/8″ incremental thickness settings to accommodate material from 1/2″ all the way up to 1-1/2″ thick. Something a user actually needs to see to appreciate is the dust evacuation shroud. Not only does it keep the workspace cleaner, but by removing the dust in the guide block holes, it reduces the effort required to drill the holes. Pretty cool!

Build Your Own System


“System” is an overused term that is often slapped on a product to make a tool seem more impressive than it actually is. In this case, the Master System is an accurate description of what Kreg is delivering to the consumer. In the past, there has been little “swap-ability” between the Kreg products. With the Kreg K3 system, you have several options to allow you to buy what you need at the moment and then upgrade later should you choose. The Kreg K3 Master system includes all the components of the Kreg Jig in one nice carrying case. (It’s priced at about $149.00). The K3 Standard Pack does not include the benchtop base, but has everything you need to do portable pocket-hole drilling. It comes with its own case and is priced at around $79.00. The Kreg K3 Upgrade Kit contains the components that will allow you to build your Standard Pack into the Master System at a later date & its price tag is in the $69.00 range.

All in all, this new offering delivers on the goal that Kreg has set for itself. It is the best pocket-hole tool on the market. Well, almost on the market. Product will be available on store shelves in the first part of August. (Get dibs on your Kreg K3 today.) To find out more, you can go to

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