Kreg® Track Horse

Kreg® Track Horse

Kreg’s new Track Horse makes it easy to set up a work support anywhere to create a workspace. The sturdy steel and aluminum Track Horse goes beyond the capabilities of an ordinary sawhorse, thanks to dual-mode clamping (it includes a Kreg Bench Clamp with Automaxx® auto-adjust technology), adjustable legs, the ability to accept a sacrificial cutting surface, and the capability to be used in conjunction with a second Track Horse or a Kreg Mobile Project Center to create a large work surface or cutting platform. Each Track Horse is load rated up to 1,100 lbs.

The Track Horse provides a helpful solution for anyone who needs a rugged, versatile workspace for DIY and woodworking tasks that’s also portable and stores compactly away. Its folding legs can be adjusted to six different working heights, ranging from 24.65 in. to 35.65 in. The Track Horse also provides secure clamping with an included Kreg Bench Clamp that can be used in the aluminum track on top for hold-down clamping, or in the ends of the leg brackets for vise-style clamping. The track also accepts a sacrificial wood surface to protect it during cutting.

When used in pairs, or when paired with a Kreg Mobile Project Center, the Track Horse becomes even more versatile. Just span between the two units by placing 2x4s in the included brackets, and you can create an extra-large support for cutting sheet goods and boards. Or you can change the position of the 2x4s and add a piece of 3/4-in. material to create a large work workbench with built-in clamping at both ends. Plus, you can set it all up anywhere you need to quickly and easily, and then store everything compactly away to regain your space for other activities.

The Track Horse received a Gold Award at the 2018 National Hardware Show in the New Product Launch Awards competition. This is the highest award given in the competition, based on votes from industry professionals, media and buyers. The award recognizes the innovative approach that the Track Horse takes toward creating a versatile, sturdy, expandable and portable work support.

Kreg’s Track Horse (item KWS500) will be available this month. It sells for $119.99.

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