Laguna Driftmaster Fence: Drifting Over to Other Saws

Laguna Driftmaster Fence: Drifting Over to Other Saws

You don’t own a Laguna band saw, but like their fence? You’re in luck: Laguna has recently released a kit that makes their DriftMaster Fence System available – and usable – on other brands of band saws through universal mountings.

The fence rail on the system is 31-1/2″ long and 4″ tall. It can be used in a high or low position. The “Driftmaster” part of it comes in because the fence can be used to help you make repeatable drift cuts, such as trimming veneer slices from hardwood, using the outside edge of the band saw blade. (The falling stock is to the right of the band saw blade.)

Incremental adjustments for this process are tool-free: you use the “quick-set” wheel and micro-adjustment handle that are part of the Driftmaster fence system – just crank the wheel the number of turns, or quarter turns, that corresponds to the measurement by which you want to move your fence.  It is easy and repeatable.

Adding this fence system to your shop will cost you $395. You can find out more about it at or check out video of the Driftmaster in action here.

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