Lap Steel Guitar

Lap Steel Guitar

Simple Lap Steel Guitar

I have made several stringed instruments including a Mandolin and several Mountain Dulcimers, this is my first electric guitar. The body is Hard Maple and the fretboard is Bubinga. Since a Lap Steel Guitar does not need metal frets I inlaid maple strips to mark the fret locations. The nut is Corian®. The pickup, tuners, bridge and electronic parts were ordered from Stewart Macdonald’s website. The guitar sounds great and was a fun project that could easily be built by anyone with basic woodworking skills. Connecting the electronics only requires simple soldering.

The guitar was based on plans in “It’s easy to Build Your Own Lap Steel Guitar” by Martin Koch ISBN 3-901314-09-1.

– Gerry Oakes, Larkspur, Colorado

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