Last Chance to Win Fuji!

While the season may be one of giving, winning something never goes out of style. And if you’ve thought that you might really be able to do some great stuff with a top-notch spray gun, our Fuji Spray Giveaway sweepstakes is right up your alley. But here is the deal … it ends on December 19th — so don’t dilly-dally, or you are done!

I’ve used one of Fuji’s HVLP units, and I can say that it was a very nice product. And while I have spent many hours in a spray booth and have a lot of experience, I can say that, with their system, you don’t need to be an expert to get expert results.

So, if you can see yourself spraying away to finishing bliss … sign up and win!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

P.S. We here at Woodworker’s Journal will be celebrating Christmas with our families in this next week, while also making sure that you continue to have top-notch woodworking content for the new year. Thanks for being with us in all seasons and, whatever you celebrate, have some happy holidays!

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