Leaving Las Vegas

It was with a bit of relief, but also a touch of sadness, that I flew home from the AWFS show last Friday. As often happens, I head off to the trade show with a feeling of world-weariness, thinking I have so been there and done that, and then find out that I really like woodworking trade shows.

Not only do I find out about interesting new products, but I get to hang out with friends that I have made over the last 20 years of looking at interesting new products. People do business with people, and woodworking folks tend to be pretty great.

And speaking of woodworking people — you, specifically — I am certain that most of you were not at the show. But fear not: you have not missed it all. As has been our practice, our crew of editors and videographers visited countless booths and got the skinny on all the shiny new stuff. Our video blog is up and waiting for you to check it out.

So go ahead, “attend” the AWFS … only without the 100-degree-plus heat and the deep-fried food.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal.

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