LEGO® Play Table

LEGO® Play Table

Last summer, I was offered the opportunity to build a Lego table for my wife’s three year old grand-daughter. From a sketch drawn by her daughter, I came up with this final project which was an instant hit with the three year old. It allows twelve Lego base plates on top with an edge lip to keep falling pieces from falling. It also has three shelves for storage trays for more parts. I built it overkill strong, not for all the plastic parts, but just knowing the three year old might (and would) decide to climb up on it. I added plexiglass slides for the trays to save the paint from scraping away.

When introducing the three year old to the table, I carried her upstairs with her eyes tightly shut. Upon seeing it, she dove from my arms and assumed the position under the table. Doubles as hiding place, I guess.

Was a fun build and glad it is in constant use.

Michael Armstrong

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