Look Ma, One Hand! Bosch 1HP Palm Router on the Horizon

Look Ma, One Hand! Bosch 1HP Palm Router on the Horizon

At the Homebuilders Show last month, I got an advanced look at Bosch’s newest router offering. (Actually offerings; the PR10E and PR20EVS.) They looked a bit like laminate trimmers on steroids, but worked like full-grown routers. Their soft start function was noticeably smooth, and with a 5.7 Amp motor developing 1 HP, it is really needed. The motors for both versions have electronic feedback to maintain rpm under load. The barrels or handles of the units are molded to fit your hand with “finger pockets” at the top for greater control, and you can indeed operate them one-handed. There is also over-molded rubber padding for enhanced comfort. Ergonomically they are great tools, especially for small-handed people, and therefore I think they have a chance to become the router of choice for women entering the craft.

The PR10E is a one-speed router which spins at a screaming 30,000 rpm. It is priced at $99.99, which in my opinion is a steal for a unit of this quality. The PR20EVS features variable speeds in a range from 16,000 to 30,000 rpm, and comes in at a price of $119.99 (which even an editor can afford).

Bosch is offering a variety of base options as accessories. They are designed to accept rub-collars or template bushings as well as well as a traditional laminate trimmer roller guide. They are also configuring the PR10E in a kit formulation that includes the router and an offset base, tilt base, underscribe attachment (for laminate seaming) and a carrying case for $199.99.

As I said, I got an advanced look at these tools, so they won’t be available for purchase until some time in June. Keep an eye on their¬†web site¬†for the latest updates.

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