We Love Woodworking

Rob-Portrait351Sometimes when I see a piece of woodworking, I am simply stopped in my tracks. It could be because the wood in a project catches my eye, the figure and finish working together so well that they make me want to stop and touch the piece. It may be that the shape of the piece and its construction is so pleasing that I want to stare at it until I understand all of the details of the work – and how they all join rightly together. Sometimes it is simply whimsy – the lovely impractical spirit of making something for the pure joy of “making” that a project evokes.

And sometimes a piece contains elements of all of those characteristics. One of those pieces is featured right now in our Woodworker’s Journal Blog – an apothecary cabinet that will blow your mind if you take the time to check it out. Woodworker Robert Topness’ effort is a sweet reminder of what it is that we love about woodworking. And if you have not spent time reading our blog, that is exactly what we are trying to emphasize on those pages. The craft of woodworking in all of its facets: noble and foolish, earnest and fun. If you have not taken the time to look it over, I think you will really like it.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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