Lumber Prices Soar

Time to lay in some stock! As sometimes happens, lumber prices can be affected by consumption in the market. Recently, the Hardwood Organization of Plywood Layup Artisans (HOOPLA) reported that leading supply indicators show an extreme use of construction grade and other lumber in the counties along our Southern border.

“Whatever they are building down there, it has got to be stinking big … Huge!” said Mr. `Doke Oakley from the HOOPLA conference at the Bowlero complex in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. “We are seeing trees chopped down up here in the North, and being floated down the Mississippi in rafts that we have not experienced since the Hunt brothers tried to corner the mixed hardwood market in early April 1981.” (That effort, known as the “Timber Takeover,” was not successful.)

Mr. Oakely will continue to monitor the situation and report to us as the situation unfolds.

Job Rhinestone, Woodworker’s Journal

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