Mafell DD40 Duo-Dowel System

Mafell DD40 Duo-Dowel System

The power of German engineering has come up with a new mechanical marvel, according to the folks from Mafell. Their DD40 Duo-Dowel System, according to the Teutonic firm, is “an entirely new power tool.”
While I don’t know if I’d go that far, it is a pretty cool idea. Essentially, the easiest way to describe the DD40 is as a beefed-up joinery system — except, instead of developing muscles a la Charles Atlas, it developed a motor.

To be precise, it developed an 0.8 HP motor that drives two special drills through a gearbox. The holes are for the dowels, two per operation. This hand-held offering actually takes the place of an industrial quality floor-standing stationary tool. Until it’s glued, the joint is sturdy enough to allow assembly of the project without additional clamps, yet flexible enough to allow you to dimantle the project. (For instance, you could fit some shelves together in the shop for a final look-see, then dismantle them for the ride to the grandkids’ place.)

You can move the settings of the DD40 around to create different joint angles and accommodate different material thicknesses. Its drilling depth ranges from 0 – 1 7/16″, while its swivel range is 0 to 90. The standard chuck is 5/16″, but bits ranging from 1/4″ to 1/2″ are also available.

Right now, only the “MaxiMax” version of the DD40 is available in the U.S. — it’s the only one which has a motor option that can work on a 110 electrical system. The MidiMax, for now, is limited to 220 volts. Rest assured, though, that the MaxiMax is the top of the line in Mafell’s Duo-Doweling System. (For a BMW price of $782, it ought to be.)

What you get with the MaxiMax version of the DD40, besides the tool, is a carrying case, dowels (the system also works with other conventional dowels), drill bits, anti-slip mats and a glue bottle with a special nozzle for when you’re finally ready to take the plunge and completely fasten your joints. A dust hose connection is standard on the 6.2 pound tool.

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