July/August 2024

July/August 2024 Issue Preview

July/August 2024 Issue Preview

Outdoor and Arts & Crafts projects are perennial favorites for many woodworkers. So, in this late-summer issue, we’ve got a couple of classic options for you to consider building! If you’re hankering for tool content, you can learn more about track saws, two new slab-flattening jigs from Rockler and several more tools just coming to market in “What’s In Store”:

Carefree Porch Swing: Any covered porch will be more inviting for spending leisure time if it includes a swing! Our design seats two comfortably and is easy to build.

Mission Coffee Table: Get ready for some mortise-and-tenon fun if you tackle this classic. And rest assured — it will never go out of style.

Ash Bar Stool: Sharpen your chisels and find that favorite backsaw, because you’ll put them to good use cutting through dovetails for this curvy custom stool!

Advanced Power Tool Techniques: Track saws are ideal for slicing up sheet goods. A.J. Hamler extends their usefulness for crosscutting thick slabs, making waterfall miter joints and kerf-bending.

Tool Preview: Slab furniture continues to on-trend and a popular contender for hobbyist woodworkers. Rockler offers two sizes of Slab Flattening Jigs that will help surface them easily and safely with a handheld router.

Shop Talk: Consider taking a woodworking class under the expert tutelage of Ernie Conover or at the recently opened Wendell Castle Workshop.

Tricks of the Trade: Readers share easy ways to keep glue bottles clean and a nifty sliding support for ripping sheet goods on a table saw.

Our Weekly Readers: What do you think about cutting dovetails by hand versus reaching for a jig system and router? Our online newsletter readers share their opinions on the topic.

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