March/April 2016

March/April 2016 Issue Preview

March/April 2016 Issue Preview

The March/April 2016 issue of Woodworker’s Journal takes on shop tools big and small, with a cabinet meant for storing portable tools, a review of 8” jointers and a reader survey all about the table saw. You’ll also learn the technique of double bevel marquetry, be introduced to an affordable 3D printer, and build a beautiful End Table.

Portable Tool Storage Cabinet: Need a place to store your portable tools? This project from Sandor Nagyszalanczy features independently constructed upper and lower cabinets, tandem door hinges, and all sorts of accessory options.

Tool Review: Chris Marshall’s review of 8” jointers explores the advantages of these helical cutterhead-equipped machines.

End Table: Take a weekend and build an attractive End Table. Tapered legs and a simple technique to make the wood grain on the top pop out a bit more take its style up a notch.

Mountains Marquetry: Craft a stunning outdoor scene while learning the technique of double bevel marquetry.

Woodturning: Turn a two-toned whistle, useful for calling your dog or handy on hikes.

Finishing Thoughts: Michael Dresdner reviews the options for adding an antiqued look to your painted projects.

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