November/December 2018

November/December 2018 Issue Preview

November/December 2018 Issue Preview

You’ll find great gift ideas showcased in the projects found in the November/December issue. Whether your gift recipient is a cook who would love one or more of our Three Kitchen Gifts, a gamer who could play either side of our Reversible Gameboard, or an all-out decorator who will add our Holiday Spheres to the mix, you’ll find something for nearly everyone. We also have Turned Earrings for personal ornamentation and a showstopper of a Limbert Desk. Wrapping things up in the shop for the end of the year? Take stock of how you store your finishes, and find out what’s still going to be good going into January. Plus, learn all about the router – a tool that Chris Marshall claims could be of more use than a table saw.

Three Kitchen Gifts: Reward your hungry helpers this holiday season with accessories for some popular foods: a Pizza Peel, a Pizza Cutter and a Taco Holder.

Reversible Gameboard: Never lose your marbles – or your cribbage pegs – with this two-sided playing board, built for both mancala and cribbage, with a slide-out storage tray.

Limbert Desk Reimagined: An upsized version of a classic plan from an Arts and Crafts master, this desk will give your woodworking skills a workout.

Holiday Spheres: Use your scroll saw to cut the stacked rings and solid end pieces which are assembled into ornaments.

Doll Cradle: You’ll rock as the gift giver of this retro-inspired item, made from only a few sturdy pieces.

Woodturning: Turned earrings are a great gift idea – plus, you’ll learn to make your own tiny tools for teeny turnings.

Tool Tutorial: Find out all the tasks the versatile router can tackle, the 10 basic bits you need, and the advantages of various sizes and configurations.

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