September/October 2023

September/October 2023 Issue Preview

September/October 2023 Issue Preview

Even though we didn’t plan it this way, our three new projects in the October issue all will encourage you to think outside the usual woodworking “box.” You’ll also learn how to expand the functionality of a drill press — it’s actually capable of many tasks! Have you used knife hinges or panel-raising bits before? If not, this issue will teach you how. And speaking of teaching, if you’ve been following our woodworking basics series for the past three issues, this time you can build a cabinet that will complete your short course in woodworking basics. It’s time to graduate with the title of “Woodworker” — you’ve earned it!

Tall Dresser: This narrow wall-mounted dresser with two doors and three drawers looks nothing like the usual collection of boxes we typically call a dresser. Unconventional? You bet! And it could be just right for a tiny bedroom.

Crokinole Gameboard: Canadians know this engaging table game well, but most of us here in the States do not. Here’s a chance to build the gameboard and introduce a new pastime for family gatherings this upcoming holiday season.

Modern Nesting Tables: If it’s been a long while since you’ve worked with hickory lumber, this minimalist table trio could be good opportunity to put a tough, beautiful and affordable native hardwood to good use again.

Woodworking Basics: It’s time to “graduate” by adding door-building skills to your budding woodworking hobby! This attractive wall cabinet will have you building simple cabinet doors with no special tooling or skills required.

Modern Shop Hand Tools: Whether you need to shape and smooth wood, metal or plastics, there’s a file or rasp that can handle the job. Our expert walks you through the options.

Simplifying Bit Setups: Panel-raising bits are among the largest you’ll ever chuck into your router. And they’ll bring a level of machining capability to a router table that elevates cabinet doors to pro-shop quality.

Advanced Power Tool Techniques: Cutting wheels, hogging out mortises and boring angled holes are all within the range of possibility of even the smallest drill press. These are next-level skills to keep in mind so you can get the most out of your machine.

Tool Preview: Rockler’s latest Dust Right Dust Collector features wall-mounted convenience plus cyclonic efficiency and HEPA filtration.

Hardworking Hardware: Knife hinges are as elegant to look at and use as they are persnickety to install. It’s worth the effort, if you know the right mortising and fitting procedure. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

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