Rob Johnstone

  • Snow Daze

    This week, Rob watches the snow fly, cutting butterfly inlays, protecting air compressors, plus tool storage and a take on a classic project.

  • Meeting Together

    This week, Rob delivers Thanksgiving verse, cut box joints, turn your own ornament, plus making rings and whistles.

  • Shoe Rack Central

    This week, Rob stacks shoes, new tools, wood dyes, a walnut cabinet and a simple end table project.

  • Wood box parts showing various dye colors

    VIDEO: Coloring Wood with Dye

    Dyes can be an excellent option for finishing close-grained woods, Rob Johnstone explains how and why you should use this finish and shows how it looks with an assist from Nick Brady.


    This week, Rob talks civic duty, cutting picture frames, better edge sanding, a clamping table and a marquetry box.

  • Shut Your Piehole!

    This week, Rob keeps his mouth shut, glue-up tricks, smoothing tenons, and plans for a table and a jewelry box.

  • Slow Down for a Moment

    This week, Rob stops to appreciate nature, we talk track saws, turn trays, plus making trivets and table lamps.

  • Trivet project with inlaid slats

    PROJECT: Slatted Trivet

    Combining straight lines and gentle curves, this trivet is both practical to use and pleasing to the eye.

  • Imaginary Woodworking

    This week, Rob is inspired, we talk to Kim McNeelan, build a slatted trivet, plus plans for a turned bottle stopper and a dog bed.

  • Pride and Woodworking

    This week, Rob learns a hard lesson, sawing dovetails, check in with Ian Kirby and plans for a bed and music box.