MagnoGrip and Hold-It: Keeping A-Hold of Your Bits

MagnoGrip and Hold-It: Keeping A-Hold of Your Bits

Let’s face it; in comparison to something like, say, your lumber, there are some woodworking accoutrements that can only be described as “itty-bitty.” Things like drill bits, screws, nails and so on. Things that can provide a real pain in the posterior as you try to hold on to several of them at one time.

In one of those instances of great minds thinking alike, though, there are a couple of new solutions out on the market to this dilemma. Both make use of the fact that these pesky little handfuls are, for the most part, metal. Which means you can hold onto them with, yes, magnets!

If you want to hold onto your hardware on your person, MDG Tools has the  MagnoGrip wristband where you can place your bits as you drill, and then pluck them off as needed. (Will it also hold your car keys for a night out on the town? We don’t know.)

If, on the other hand, you prefer that your tools do all your “heavy” lifting, the Hold-It is the accessory for you. It, too, is a magnet, which sticks wherever on your drill (including on the battery) you’d like to place it through the use of the sticky-backed Velcro® that comes with it. The Hold-It also comes in two stylish colors, a basic blue or an American flag design.

If it’s you who has the magnetic personality, you can find out more about MagnoGrip, which sells for $15.95, at If it’s your tools, the information about the $7.99 Hold-It is at

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