Makita LXT® Cordless 7-1/4-in. Rear Handle Circular Saw

Makita LXT® Cordless 7-1/4-in. Rear Handle Circular Saw

Makita is aiming its new 18V X2 LXT® Brushless Cordless Rear Handle Circular Saw at jobsite users and serious DIYers who use left-blade corded worm drive saws. This new XSR01 is the world’s first cordless rear handle 7-1/4-in. circular saw powered by two 18-volt lithium-ion batteries. It affords users maximum power and runtime without the hassles of a power cord — and without leaving Makita’s 18-volt tool platform of more than 150 different tools.

Dubbed the “New Original,” the XSR01 combines two 18-volt LXT® 5.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries that deliver 36 volts of power, for a total of 180 watt hours. In runtime testing, the tool’s efficient brushless motor made 558 cuts in 2×4 SPF lumber on a single charge, then 291 crosscuts in 2×10 SPF lumber on another charge. Its electronics are equipped with Makita’s Automatic Speed Change™ technology, which adjusts cutting speed and torque for the application to optimize performance. Soft start eliminates “kick” at startup, and an electric brake stops the blade quickly.

The saw provides 2-9/16-in. of cutting capacity when set to 90 degrees — deep enough to cut through 3x lumber on a single pass. Makita says 3x lumber is becoming increasingly common on U.S. jobsites these days, and this depth of cut is more than leading 7-1/4-in. circular saws can match. When tilted to 45 degrees, the saw will cut to 1-3/4 in., and it will cut through 1-1/2-in. material when tilted to its 53-degree maximum bevel.

For increased durability, the XSR01 is also equipped with Makita’s Extreme Protection Technology: it’s a series of protective seals inside the tool that are engineered for improved dust and moisture resistance and channel debris away from the saw’s key internal components.

With two batteries on board, the XSR01 weighs 12.4 lbs., and it measures 17-1/2 in. long. Aside from the familiar ergonomics of a rear-handle design, framers will also appreciate the retractable, extra-wide tool hook and built-in tether notch (tether not included).

Makita is offering its 18V Brushless Cordless Rear Handle Circular Saw as a bare tool (model XSR01Z), which includes a 7-1/4-in., 24-tooth Ultra-coated Framing Blade and blade-changing wrench, for around $199 to $240, depending on location. Or, you can buy the tool in kit form (model XSR01PT), which comes with the blade and wrench, two 18-volt 5.0 Ah batteries, dual port charger and a tool bag, for $359.

“Contractors tell us they want cordless and believe in the benefits of cordless, but so far there has not been a cordless 7-1/4-in. saw with the power and speed they’ve come to expect out of their current corded tools — until now,” says Andrew Camp, product manager of residential construction. “The Makita XSR01 gives them what they need and more.”

Learn more about Makita’s “New Original” XSR01 Brushless Cordless Rear Handle 7-1/4-in. Circular Saw by clicking here.

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