Makita’s Newest Cordless Drill Drivers

Makita’s Newest Cordless Drill Drivers

My son thinks it’s weird that some drills have cords on them. He’s 20 years old and has never really known a time when we didn’t have a cordless drill around the house. Cordless drill technology is hardly new and Makita, the company who really got us all hooked on cordless drills decades ago, should know that best of all. So when they say they have a new and important offering in the cordless category, it is a good idea to pay attention.

MForce, Makita’s new series of battery powered drills, has been designed to deliver: “…the latest in advanced technology and efficiency,” according to Ken Hefley, vice president of marketing for Makita USA, Inc. – “starting with such advancements as the new two-piece D-31 motor with increased power and continuing throughout the entire tool.”

The heart of these new drill/drivers is their D-31 motor with its all-metal gear transmission and rugged 3 stage, 13-planetary gear system. These advances, along with a “refined high-grade field magnet” cause Makita to guarantee performance not available in typical cordless “can” style motors. The translation of all that cool technical stuff means you get more power where you need it. There is an impressive list of features that Makita has included with this new line: the Shift Lock” drive system and high capacity Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, to name just two.

I tested a 14.4V model at my home and found it to be a powerful unit. I bored holes with a large Forstner bit and drove a bunch of sheet rock screws. No problem. I also found the drill to be remarkably compact and easy to handle.

And, while my son cannot remember a time when drills came without cords, I can. For that reason, I can tell you that these new drills in Makita’s MForce line are worth taking a look at.

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