Matching Bare Wood to a Finished Floor

Matching Bare Wood to a Finished Floor

Matching Bare Wood to a Finished Floor

Frequent correspondent George Lathbury noted that achieving a good match today wouldn’t guarantee that it will still match over time. The newly exposed floor may darken more over time creating another mismatch. George wondered if you couldn’t apply a lighter pigment stain finish over it and then apply a darker layer with a sealing coat. The darker layer would match now, and it might be simple to steel wool it off later.

Non-Standard Miter Cuts

David Buehring keeps a square 12″ x 12″ board handy for his non-standard cuts. For a 110-degree miter using a miter saw, he’d align the 12″ x 12″ with the saw blade and use the hold-down clamp to secure it against the fence. Then he’d set his saw to 35 degrees for a 110-degree miter.

Band Saws – Two vs. Three Wheels

Jim Ager, the owner a Delta three-wheeler, noted that blades break easier due to flexing around the shorter circumference of the smaller wheels. He asked Santa to bring him a better one for Christmas – a Laguna would be nice, but he’d settle for a Craftsman.

Free Plans

Both Andrew Cairns (from the UK) and Ed York wrote to express their appreciation for the eZine and especially for the Free Plans. As a disabled woodworker, Andrew picks up a little extra income from his projects.

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