Metabo’s Power Grip

Metabo’s Power Grip

Although this may sound un-American: big is not always better … even if we are talking tools! Eighteen volts of wrist-wrenching power will not do you a bit of good if the drill driver won’t fit into the cabinet you are mounting to the wall. And that same 5.9 pound driver may not seem very heavy, until you are driving a series of screws into a housing above your head … then six pounds may feel like 60!

Enter the 1.4 pound, 4.8 volt Power Grip drill/driver from Metabo. This German made beauty is not designed to replace the plethora of 12 to 24 volt cordless drill/driving workhorses on the market. (Which would include Metabo’s very nice BST 15.6 Plus cordless drill) But its ergonomically designed, 7 9/16″ long body will allow it to work long and hard in places its big brothers can’t even get into. And if you are going to be mounting a bunch of hinges, whether you are working over your head or on a bench, its comfortable grip and the fact that it weighs under two pounds are sure to make it a tool to reach for.

Metabo prides itself on excellent engineering and leading edge ergonomics. All that quality brings significant value, if not low prices. The Power Grip (available now … in stock or up to two weeks for delivery, depending on location) is being sold for $145.00. It’s shown here in its handy carrying case, which includes an extra battery and a battery charger. The NiCad 4.8 volt batteries snap into the back of the tool and function as a part of the handle. The tool is activated by your index finger via a spring-loaded rocking switch on the bottom aspect of the handle. Depress the right side of the switch and the chuck turns clockwise, left … counter clockwise. The switch rocks back to the central off position when it is released.

Metabo’s tools tend to be found more often in professional shops than in regular-guy workshops. But this is one tool that I can see finding a home in either.

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