Micro Fence Router Base

Micro Fence Router Base

What if you could turn your hand-held router into a high-precision milling machine with just a flick of the wrist? Micro Fence’s new, bolt-on Portable Three-Axis Mill, allows you to set depths of cut not usually possible on a router, delivering scalpel-like control and smooth, effortless routing at your fingertips.

Incorporating Micro-Fence’s patented micro adjustment system into its depth-setting system, this high-quality milling machine allows you to gain precise, thousandths-of-an-inch, maximum depth control in the vertical axis and 2.75″ vertical travel for all your routing. The stainless steel and bronze bushing plunge mechanism promotes smooth and accurate plunging action.


Plus, the router base is designed to use with all Micro Fence edge guides, circle and ellipse jigs and other accessories. Bored to fit the Porter-Cable 310, and with the addition of appropriate adapter sleeves, it will accommodate Bosch’s PR10/20 and 1608 models or DeWalt’s 670 model.


Constructed of solid, non-corrosive, aluminum, the 6″-diameter base weighs only 3.85 lbs. — light enough to handle easily yet solid enough to withstand vibration and pressure. It has a Micro Fence LED light that can be handily mounted (front, rear and overhead) in four positions on either the motor carriage or the base for maximum clarity in the work area. The three-position, rotating depth turret indexes on a spring-loaded ball to seat precision-machined stops at accurate 1/8″ increments. All other depths can be controlled by the stainless steel stop rod laser, etched in 1/16″ increments, and the Micro Fence micrometer dial.


This ambidextrous tool offers right and left edge-guide mounted positions for left-or right-handed operations or projects where two opposing fences are beneficial.

Auto-center locating bearings provide for easy mortising operations. Equipped with top and bottom dust collection hoods with hose adapter and mounting hardware, the Micro Fence mill makes cleanup a snap. Micro Fence also offers optional accessories like a center bar and leveler kits, additional LED light sources and an optional 1¾” -throat clear acrylic base.


Perfect for any job, especially for inlay work and detail routing, when you need to do edge bending or purfeling, this dead-on dynamo is just the ticket. The Three Axis Mill retails at $399.95.

For more info, call 800-480-6427 or visit: www.microfence.com web site.

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