MICROJIG Matchfit Dovetail Clamps

MICROJIG Matchfit™ Dovetail Clamps

Clamping jigs, fences and extension tables to tools or other surfaces can be difficult or limited if the clamp gets in the way. MICROJIG has an innovative new solution in its Matchfit™ Dovetail Clamps that can eliminate clamping interference and improve versatility. Instead of the clamp arm being rectangular in cross-section, Matchfit’s clamp head takes the shape of a ½-in., 14-degree dovetail. That way, you can slip the clamp into a dovetail slot you rout into a clamping surface, and the clamp’s head will recess inside it while offering “captured” holding power within the slot.

The depth of the jaw is 2-3/8-in., and the clamp’s screw can be opened up to offer a total clamping range of 5-1/4-in. At a 4-in. opening, Matchfit provides 595 lbs. of clamping pressure.

Now you can build fences of any height, mount workbench extensions easily, affix jigs to reference surfaces or even create your own track saw system, thanks to the dovetail slot convenience offered by these new clamps.

MICROJIG’s Matchfit Dovetail Clamps (model DVC-525) are available now and sold in pairs for $39.95.


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