Milescraft SpiroCrafter: Consider Yourself…Artistic

Milescraft SpiroCrafter: Consider Yourself…Artistic

If you have a plunge router or even a rotary tool you can make signs, decorative cutouts and all sorts of other embellishments on your woodworking projects with the SpiroCrafter from Milescraft.

The tool does the cutting and etching for you, with any standard 6″ base plunge router. (There’s a universal router base plate included in the package.) Two bushings also come in the package, and the plate accepts all TurnLock bushings and accessories through a “twist and lock” action. Even if you don’t have a plunge router, you can essentially turn your rotary tool into a “mini” one with the Milescraft Plunger” attachment.

The Milescraft people have included two provided templates of patterns, cutouts and lacework that they describe in their Design Guide (also included). This would be the option for those of us who can’t draw worth diddly on our own. If you have more artistic talent than that, you also get a Pencil Guide you can use to design your own creations before cutting them into your wood.

You can find out more about the Spirocrafter at

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