Milwaukee: Comfort in a New Jigsaw

Milwaukee: Comfort in a New Jigsaw

The features (and there are many) on Milwaukee’s new jigsaw, the 6268-21, are designed to make cutting a cushy job — both comfortable and easy. To kick things off, the top handle and front nose literally have a cushioned gripping surface, designed for your comfort, as is the saw’s lower center of gravity and counterbalance mechanism (providing positive control with minimal vibration). It’s mobile, too, with an extra-long 12-foot, 8″ power cord.

An LED light, protected within an all-metal gear-case, combines with a nine-position dust blower to provide increased visibility when following your cutline.

The 6268-21 is a variable speed saw with a 1″ stroke and a four-position orbital cutting action. It has a Quik-Lok” blade clamp for fast and easy blade changes and a keyless bevel shoe which will adjust 45 degrees in either direction. And with its bright red color, even a scrooge-like spouse would have to admit it would make a festive holiday gift.

The 6268-21 sells for around $175. For more information, call 1-800-729-3878 or visit

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