Milwaukee Makes its Move

Milwaukee Makes its Move

Technological Breakthrough Powers Tool Maker to the Front.
A Woodworker’s Journal eZine exclusive.

January 12, 2005, Orlando, Florida

“Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation announces the introduction of V28 lithium ion battery technology after nine years of research and development” is how the advanced version of Milwaukee’s press release reads, and boy, was that a mouthful. The development of this new battery technology has ramifications well outside of our world of woodworking and construction, but let’s just stay close to home for a moment.

Nine years in development, the V28 battery power system seems to be a cordless power tool dream come true: 28 volts of power in a package that weighs less than traditional 18volt battery packs. Up to twice the run time on one charge, but more than that and the power does not fade at the end of the use period. It is just as powerful in its last use as in its first use. And it works better in extreme temperatures than conventional batteries as well. To top it off, it is more environmentally friendly than power packs containing cadmium. (Editor’s note: It still should be recycled.) In short, it is a superior cordless battery system in every measurable way, period. But it is not simply the lithium ion chemistry that powers the superior performance. Milwaukee has developed an “optimization circuit” that manages and meters power use which, according to their research and development manager, Gary Meyer, “is as revolutionary as the lithium ion cells.” One of the features of the circuit is a fuel gauge that monitors the run time available during any given job. No more guessing if you can finish your job or not.

As Joseph Smith, vice president of marketing for Milwaukee Electric Tool, states: “With V28 battery technology, we feel confident in saying that nearly 40 years after the initial development of cordless power tools, cordless power is finally beginning to fulfill its original promise.”

While the new system is only available in a few tools at this time, the benefit of its high power output for tools like routers, band saws and other traditional woodworking tools is clear. (More heavy-duty products are on Milwaukee’s drawing board for 2006.) And if you peek for a moment outside the world of woodworking, the applications for this technology are nearly limitless. Milwaukee has not only hit a home run with this development, but it cleared the bases and won the game.

As you can imagine, Milwaukee has a whole bunch of patents pending as the company looks for uses in areas such as fire and rescue and military applications.

V28″ products will be available in the second quarter of 2005, individually or in a combo kit, at participating distributors nationwide.

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