Milwaukee ROVER Pocket Flood Light

Milwaukee ROVER™ Pocket Flood Light

Milwaukee’s new ROVER™ Pocket Flood Light is powered by the company’s REDLITHIUM® USB rechargeable battery, which enables it to deliver 445 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ high definition light or 100 lumens when set to its “low” mode. The light features an impact and chemical-resistant lens and a housing that’s IP54 rated for water and dust resistance. A dual-magnet clip makes it easy to stick this light to any metal surface or clip it to other non-magnetic surfaces. At just shy of 6 in. long and .36 lbs. with battery, the light is easy to carry in a pocket.

The flood light can operate for two hours at maximum brightness on a single battery charge or up to 11 hours in low-light mode. An LED fuel gauge will help you keep tabs on the amount of battery charge remaining. Its REDLITHIUM battery is innovative, too: it charges up to three times faster than other comparable batteries using a Micro-USB cord, Milwaukee reports. It reaches 50 percent charge in under 30 minutes, 80 percent in under one hour and a full charge in two hours. A 2-ft. heavy-duty Micro-USB braided cord comes with the light and battery. The battery also can be removed from the light, for a quick swap to a fresh battery, and then charged independently.

Milwaukee’s ROVER Pocket Flood Light (model 2112-21) is available this month and sells for $59.99.

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