Milwaukee’s New Compact Drill Drivers (with Cool New Belt Clips!)

Milwaukee’s New Compact Drill Drivers (with Cool New Belt Clips!)

“Hey, pardner, this job site isn’t big enough for the both of us!”

“Yes it is – your new drill driver is so compact, this site actually has a lot of room to roam!”

While that conversation may be a bit far-fetched (OK, it will never happen), Milwaukee’s new compact drill drivers with their slick new belt clips may inspire a Wild West-like spirit of the rugged individual.

The new Compact Series Drivers are designed to deliver high rpm for effective work in tight spaces (hence their compact nature) in both 12 and 14.4 volt models. They are outfitted with single-sleeve ratcheting chucks (12 volt has a 3/8″ chuck, the 14.4 has a 1/2″ chuck) for ease of use and better grip strength. Both models are made with T-handles that Milwaukee claims will reduce fatigue and vibrations.

The Clip-Loc system is a clip which locks the drill driver onto your belt. The drill release latch is operated with one hand. It is certainly a step up in tool security from the gravity-operated belt clips elsewhere available.

The 14.4 drill driver with Clip-loc is on sale now at for $179.99, and I found the 12 volt version for $149.99. For more information you can go to

So, while you may not be inspired to do your impression of Quick Draw McGraw, with this new outfit, you may find that you can work in tight spots with ease.

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