Minute Masker: A Masking Marvel

Minute Masker: A Masking Marvel

While not a true woodworking tool, the Minute Masker from Geo Mask has found a place in my shop. Resembling a tape measure, this elegant little tool makes the tedious task of applying masking tape a snap.

Designed for use when painting, I’ve found many uses for it while woodworking: controlling glue squeeze-out, masking off glue joints when pre-finishing, preventing grain tearout on the table saw as you crosscut hardwood veneered plywood. Like I said, it’s very handy.

The masking tape applicator allows you to apply the tape at breakneck speed. As you do, a built in “finishing brush” snugs the edge of the tape securely. Then, the tool’s serrated cutting edge helps you to trim tight square ends to the strip of tape (adding to the accuracy of tape placement and eliminating wasted masking tape).

You can find out more about Minute Masker at the company’s web site. Although the product is available at many retail locations around the country, you can also purchase it online for about $10.00 at the Geo Mask web site.

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