More on Carbide Cutters

More on Carbide Cutters

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Eric Armstrong Comment on Carbide Cutters

Hank Merkle wondered if Eric Armstrong was really talking about titanium drill bits … or titanium nitride-coated drill bits. He also noted that if bits were to be regularly sharpened, high-speed steel was probably the best choice.

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Pine Wood Staining Problem

George Lathbury tossed in his two cents and declared that the problem could result from factory planing that leaves imperceptive ripples in each plank … especially those from big box stores. The interplay of knives, feed rate, and wood density (pine is slab cut so grain is inconsistent), and growth rings (cutting across them creates fast and slow, i.e., soft and hard spots). ) could also be a factor. He also described some approaches for replaning:

Cross scraping … just slightly skewed, say 10 to 12 degrees. This also works with a handplane.
Setting a planer for a zero cut (if possible) and putting the board through slightly askew. (He admitted not having actually tried this but had seen it work.)

He noted that a soft wood like pine should be sanded, sealed, and resanded (320 or 400 grit is not excessive) before finishing.

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What’s on Your Workshop Wall?

A reader sent this in from his grandfather’s wall: “Ignorance is the lack of training. Stupidity is an unwillingness to learn.”

Fred send sent in several words of wisdom from his own shop wall:

“Think small – Big mistakes cost big money!”

“If you can’t keep pace with this old dog stay on the porch.”

“The closer you get to perfection the harder it is to achieve.”

“1/8″ tip of left index finger to remind me of router hazards.”

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