More Video Feedback

More Video Feedback

We got quite a bit more Feedback in our inbox this week about the changes to the Weekly format. Keep it coming. We’d love to hear what you think – good or bad. – Editor

“I like the new format. Your videos have always been excellent and very informative. Keep up the good work.” – Keith Wales, Sr.

“I have really enjoyed your information over the years. I am certainly happy to get your eZine. I always read through it pretty much right away, selecting the things that pique my interest, and sometimes looking at the other things later. Since I am still a triceratops myself, I would rather read than have to wait for the video to go all they way through to the end. Frankly, I am able to read faster than the time it takes for me to listen to the video. And, I can be selective when I read just the items of interest to me. With the video, I have to watch it all they way through, or at least I think I have to do that. Anyway, the video, while great for some folks, it is NEVER an all or nothing thing in life. (Yeah, I was told to never use the word “never”, unless I mean it…and I do in this case). I am fine with the video, but please continue to also give me the option of reading what I want without having to listen to the whole darn video.” – Dave Dietz

“I don’t like the new format. Please go back to the old one. We have all the videos we need on YouTube.” – John Dack

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