Mum’s the Word

Mum’s the Word

Last week, Rob advised that silence is golden when it comes to revealing our woodworking project mistakes. Several readers are in full agreement. – Editor<

“One of the best articles I’ve seen said it all in the title: ‘Just say thank you.'” – Jeff Kelly

“Only God is perfect. Master craftsmen come awfully close but realize the futility of that pursuit. Certain cultures actually make flaws on purpose. That tradition is more apparent In ornate buildings like Art Deco and Islam, but you can see it in Indian rugs, too. And then there are, with varying degrees of success, the known and unknown imperfectionists. I rarely keep anything I make since I would have to look at those imperfections all the time. Somehow it is easier to accept someone else’s flaw then one’s own. I vote for keeping quiet. Those imperfections are, after all, what makes the end product ‘unique.'” – Randy Gleason

“I can’t agree with you more on this. When I am looking at the finished product, I look with such critical eyes. I see a gap that’s larger than I would like, I see where a little chip blew out when I was cutting it, whatever. Fortunately, I have the world’s greatest critic. I show it to my wife, she oohs and ahs over it, tells me how wonderful it is and doesn’t see those itsy (to me) flaws at all. She reminds me of the big picture. It’s the overall impression that’s important!” – Don Gwinn<

“Don’t feel too bad. Paul Sellers was pointing out a flaw in a PROTOTYPE this morning.” – Bob Leistner

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