MW 1000 Mobile Workshop

MW 1000 Mobile Workshop

Festool’s new MW 1000 is a customizable rolling workshop that you can transport “hand truck” style and set up anywhere you need to work, then dismantle quickly. The 42-3/8-in.-tall primary Cart has an aluminum frame and 7-7/8-in.-dia., rubber-lined, shock resistant wheels. Its bottom pan will hold and lock a standard Festool Systainer (sold separately) or stack of Systainers that are interlocked. The top of the Cart provides a stable 14-1/4- x 17-1/2-in. worktop made of perforated MDF with an aluminum frame. The design offers flexible clamping and attachment options and an overall working height of 35-1/2 in.

Channels in the Cart’s vertical frame can hold pull-out Drawers that lock into place on the Cart at whatever height you prefer. The Drawers are designed to act as trays under a Systainer, for storing tools, accessories and supplies. Their slide mechanisms enable Systainers to be fully opened while mounted in the Cart. Holding up to 44-lbs., the Drawers can be installed or removed from the Cart without tools, thanks to flip-latch style locks. The Cart will carry a combined load of 220 lbs.

A longer worktop Extension Table with a folding leg set engages with the Cart top at the same height to offer a broader work surface. Its perforated MDF top and aluminum frame measures 19-11/16 in. wide and 41-5/32 in. long. When folded up for transport, the Extension Table stows between the Cart’s frame and handle.

Festool offers two Mobile Workshop systems. The MW 1000 Basic (item 203454) includes the Cart and one pull-out Drawer for $500. The MW 1000 (item 203802) provides the Extension Table with the Cart and pull-out Drawer for $650. Additional Drawers (item SYS-AZ-MW 1000) can be purchased for $80. The worktop Base (item 203457) is available separately for $250 and is also compatible with Festool’s MFT Table.

Learn more about the MW 1000 Mobile Workshop and its components by clicking here.

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