A New Air (Compressor) for Your Shop

A New Air (Compressor) for Your Shop

As readers of the print Woodworker’s Journal know from Sandor Nagyszalanczy’s article in the June 2009 issue, the air tools available to woodworkers aren’t limited to spray guns for finishes – but if you want to have the option of using those spray guns, plus air-powered sanders, saws, drills, routers, etc., you’re going to need a compressor.

Campbell Hausfeld’s new WL6750 compressor has the space-saving storage feature of mounting on the wall of your garage (er, shop…). The 1.7 HP compressor has an eight-gallon tank – which you can expand up to 24 gallons of capacity by adding two more portable tanks (the eight-gallon ET2000).


The maximum pressure on the WL6750 is 150 pounds per square inch. You use a soft rubber regulator knob, with clicks at 5-10 psi intervals to set the pressure where you need it for your project. (Look at the icons on the regulator for suggestions for specific tasks.) When you’re done using the compressor, you drain it from a valve on the side of the tank, right next to the hose, with an included drain cup. And if even if your shop is in your garage, you won’t be changing the oil on this compressor: it’s an oil-free pump.

You can find out more about Campbell Hausfeld’s WL6750 compressor at www.chcompressors.com. It sells for $249 (with each additional eight-gallon ET2000 tank priced at $54.98).

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