New Dust Extractors from Bosch

New Dust Extractors from Bosch

Bosch is introducing four new dust extractors this month: the VAC090A and VAC090S, which hold 9.3 gallons (gross volume) and the larger capacity VAC140A and VAC140S, which hold up to 14.5 gallons. All four models feature 9.5-amp motors that draw 150 cubic feet per minute (CFM) — a best-in class suction rating — and operate at a noise level of 70dB.

In order to maintain optimal suction, a vacuum’s filter must not clog. Bosch is setting a new standard in this regard, too, with integrated automatic or semi-automatic filter cleaning systems, depending on the model. The VAC90A and 140A dust extractors have a fully automatic filter cleaning mechanism: every 15 seconds during operation, these vacs clean their flat pleated filter through a reverse airflow system, which Bosch reports doesn’t compromise suction or performance. This way, the user is free from ever having to clean the filters manually. Alternately, the VAC090S and VAC140S machines use a similar airflow cleaning process, only here, a module on the hose allows the user to momentarily cut the suction and activate the filter cleaning with a push of a button.


All four extractors can be power-tool activated, by simply plugging the power tool into the extractor. For wet cleanup applications, there is also a water level sensor that protects the motor by automatically shutting down the extractor when water reaches a maximum height.

These machines are compatible with Bosch’s Click & Go system of tool containers, which can be attached to the top. The extractors have integrated hose and cord storage solutions, plus rugged rubber wheels and locking casters. A locking hose comes standard, as does a VF100 filter and plastic collection bag. Or, you can expand their versatility with accessories that include an extension tube or floor tool set, as well as a variety of filters and bags to suit different application situations and types of debris. A HEPA filter is also available to make these extractors EPA compliant.

The VAC090 and VAC140 dust extractors will be available through authorized Bosch dealers nationwide. Prices range from $549 to $669.


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