New Kreg Jig Model K5

New Kreg Jig Model K5

If you’ve included pocket screw joinery on casework projects before, you probably used a blue Kreg jig of one generation or another. But the company continues to find ways to innovate this simple and durable construction method: this time, by way of the new Kreg Jig® K5.

Available early last month, Kreg assures that the K5 incorporates the best features of every Kreg Jig that came before it, while also providing all-new features that you’ve never seen before. For starters, the K5’s standout detail is a ratcheting clamping mechanism that engages workpieces with a front-mounted handle. Sliding the clamping mechanism up to the workpiece, lifting the handle and then pushing it down engages the clamp automatically to any workpiece thickness. There are no bolts or lock nuts here to manually adjust, as was the case on previous Kreg Jigs and other similar pocket-hole jigs on the market. A rubber-padded clamp face protects workpieces from accidental marring.


An adjustable drill guide block is marked with white demarcations to set the proper drilling position for different common workpiece thicknesses; it adjusts up or down with a quick-release pin. An updated, stepped setting block fits into the jig and helps you adjust the drill bit’s stop collar for the correct drilling depth. The K5 comes with a three-hole drill guide block, but it also is fully compatible with Kreg’s Micro Pocket™ Drill Guide and Kreg Jig® HD.


Other conveniences here are a swiveling dust port that accepts a standard 1-1/4-in. shop vac hose. Two extension wings support longer workpieces on either side of the drill guide block, and they feature hinged compartments for storing pocket screws, drill bits and other related supplies. An adjustable workpiece stop can help set up precise screw-hole locations for repetitive drilling tasks.

The K5 comes fully assembled and ready for use. You also get a stepped drill bit, stop collar, 6-in. square drive bit, a starter selection of screws and wood plugs, a screw selection chart and a booklet of Kreg’s Skillbuilder™ activities. Or, watch the Skillbuilder series as free online videos, and download free Kreg project plans that use the new jig.

Kreg’s K5 kit sells for $139.99 through Kreg retailers or at

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