A New Year of Woodworking

Happy new year!

Fresh pages of the calendar stretch before us, just waiting to be filled with exciting events, fond memories – and, of course, woodworking projects.

Now, while it’s just possible that some of you might still be putting the finishing touches on projects that were originally destined for last Christmas, for most of you, it’s time to move on into the new year.

(If you’re in the first camp, though, here’s a tip: my dad tells the story of families he grew up with who celebrated Christmas on the Eastern Orthodox date. The point of his story is that they always got their Christmas trees really cheap. But you can also take note that the date is almost two weeks later than the date of Christmas on the Julian calendar for your own purposes. Just sayin’.)

As for your 2018 woodworking: do you have big plans? Projects planned already? Or will you just wait and see what comes along?

Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

P.S. Looking for Rob? You may be able to catch him on his road trip if you’re around the Spring, Texas, area this weekend: he’s part of the festivities for Saturday’s grand opening celebration at the new Rockler Woodworking and Hardware store.

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