Nice Day for a Scroll

Rob-Portrait351Notice anything different? Your eZine has a bit of a new look. As more and more of our folks view the eZine on mobile devices (60 percent of the cell phones in the U.S.A. are smartphones), we decided to make our layout better suited for viewing on a cell phone or tablet. Don’t worry: all your stuff, from Free Plans to Tricks of the Trade, is still there, you just have to scroll a bit more to see it if you are viewing us on a computer screen. (The navigation tabs will, of course, move you around as you wish.)

A mea culpa … we are still working on getting the Crossword Puzzle to work on mobile devices. Soon it will be formatted to work on iPads, but it may never translate to iPhones and similar devices — the screens are just too small to be practical for a crossword puzzle.

As always, I am interested in knowing what you think about our new look … and we will share some of those comments with the eZine faithful in the future.

Rob Johnstone

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