No Wooden Jewelry

Some of my favorite images from our archive of Woodworker’s Journal magazine circa the 1980s are those of women wearing wooden jewelry. The images imply that the projects were, lovingly, made by the men in their lives. With the advantage of time, it is easy to see from these photos that the jewelry, while well-intentioned, was what we in America call “a mistake.”

Now, I am not saying that there is never a place for wooden jewelry … I’m sure that there is. At the same time, I will say this with absolute confidence: do not make wooden jewelry for the special person in your life for Valentine’s Day. I know it is February and you are moved to do something for your loved one. I know that you love to make things out of wood. I am aware that you love to make wooden things for loved ones.

Just don’t.

Chocolate, wine, diamonds, rubies … gold, all work. NO. WOODEN. JEWELRY.

You are welcome.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal.

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