NOVA Voyager Drill Press Features

NOVA Voyager Drill Press Features

We give you a closer look at the Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press and all of its features. This new drill press is the world’s first smart drill press, featuring an incredibly smooth-running direct-drive motor that is controlled by a sophisticated microcomputer and digital screen with push-button controls. The computer features DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) technology, which automatically adjusts and maintains the speed and power of the machine based on resistance. That, coupled with the fact that the Voyager’s motor has no belts or pulleys, results in a machine that is incredibly smooth and quiet. The computer also optimizes efficiency so that the motor only draws as much power as is needed, saving up to 50% in energy usage over conventional motors. With its 1-3/4 HP high torque motor, cast iron construction, exceptional structural strength and smart design, the NOVA Voyager has the power and capacity to handle nearly any drilling operation with ease.


Chris Marshall: In more than a century, drill presses for the consumer market haven’t seen much breakthrough innovation. That is, until now.NOVA’s all-new Voyageur 18-in. drill press, with an intelligent digital variable reluctance motor, is going to change the way woodworkers, DIYers and makers of all sorts think about what a drill press can do. It’s a feature-rich, all-purpose machine.

CM: NOVA equips Voyager with a 1.75hp DVR motor. It has no wire windings, brushes, magnets or electrical connections to moving parts. So there’s little that can develop heat during use or wear out over time. It’s been a proven platform on NOVA’s wood lathes for many years.

CM: But what’s even more innovative is that this motor is controlled by an onboard programmable computer with a touch screen interface. And the computer is what unlocks Voyager’s many useful and practical functions.

CM: For one, the computer gives the motor digitally controlled variable speed over an impressive speed range — from just 50 rpm to 5,500 rpm. And you can change speeds instantly just by turning a dial

CM: And unlike most other drill presses, there are no pulley clusters or drive belts to change here. That old-fashioned mechanical drive system is obsolete with DVR, and so is the vibration that often goes with it.

CM:. Just try this little nickel test on top of your drill press, and you’ll understand how smooth-running Voyager really is. The computer constantly monitors the motor’s performance. Even on the toughest drilling jobs Voyager’s CPU will make sure that the motor receives the precise power it needs to deliver constant torque for the speed you’ve set. It analyzes motor efficiency hundreds of times per second. No other consumer drill press does that!

CM: And if you’ve ever wondered just what speed you need to set your drill press to for the bit and job at hand, it’s guesswork with a standard drill press. But Voyager is programmed to make speed selection easy. To set drilling speed, just select the Speed Chart icon on Voyager’s picture menu and choose one of 12 different bit options. There’s twist, brad point, bullet pilot point, Forstner bit, glass/tile bit, hole saw, spade bit, spade with with spurs, countersink, shearcut countersink, Powerbore and circle cutters.

CM: Now select the size of the bit, and the material you’re drilling into. Confirm this with the computer, and Voyager sets the correct speed you need for the bit and job at hand. There’s no need to guess.

CM: Want to drill accurate-depth holes? Who doesn’t? With an ordinary drill press, even that can be hit-or-miss using this threaded rod and stop setup. Voyager has it if you want to do it the old way. But, computer accuracy can help you here, too.

CM: Just toggle over to the User Set Depth icon, and tell Voyager how deep of a hole you want to drill. Then lower the bit to the drilling surface and zero it out on the home screen. This registers the surface of the hole. Voyager now knows precisely how deep the hole needs to be. It beeps to tell you you’re getting close, and once you reach the preset depth, it stops automatically. You can’t over-drill or under-drill. Perfect hole depth, every time.

CM: Voyager can be also be set to reverse direction at the bottom of a hole to help clear the debris. It can operate in forward or reverse, depending on your drilling, drum-sanding or polishing application. And you can even set this machine to start spinning automatically every time you pull the quill handle. The self-start option is ideal for repetitive drilling operations–no need to use the On/Off switch for every hole.

CM: And if you’ve ever been frustrated by bits that tend to wander when you’re trying to drill a pilot hole, especially on a hard, curved or irregular surface, Voyager can help you drill pilot holes, too. Just select the Pilot Hole setting in the machine’s advanced modes. Voyager dials down the bit speed so that the bit’s tip has a chance to engage in the material. When it does, the motor ramps up to your preset drilling speed to bore the clearance hole. You’ll get the pilot you need exactly where you want it. You can even program Voyager to save four speed settings for the bits and accessories you use most often so they’re ready to go when you need them, just by pressing the right “F” button on the display.

CM: Voyager offers a full 6 in. of quill travel in just two revolutions of the handle, and it has a quill lock. It also has a spacious 16-1/2-in. square, cast-iron table. And while it looks like a woodworking drill press, with all it’s computerized features it’s clearly not just for woodworkers. Whatever projects you’re into, and whatever you need to drill, sand or buff, NOVA’s Voyager Drill Press has the capacity, build-quality and most of all — computer-controlled intelligence — to help you get the job done quickly, smoothly and effectively. It’s truly an all-purpose machine.

CM: NOVA’s 18-in. Voyager Drill Press is designed to transform the way we approach drilling. As NOVA promises, it’s a “Smart Tool, with Powerful Solutions.” Learn more about it at or by visiting a NOVA dealer, near you.

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