O Table Saw

Table saws are nifty tools
But not for goofy shiftless fools.
Fingers are worth too much you see
To danger-dangle fecklessly!

So know your stuff and keep things cool
When working with this power tool.
A pushing stick is just the deal
To keep you safe and keep things real.

Start with ten and in the end
Leave the shop with ten again.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal
The Weekly’s Poet Laureate

Four Reasons to Use a Table Saw Crosscut Sled

Every table saw comes with a miter gauge, and they’re made for making crosscuts and angled cuts. So why do you need a crosscut sled? There are four good reasons why a crosscut sled can improve your safety and accuracy at the table saw. Chris Marshall will show you all four in this video.
So, whether you’re crosscutting big stock or little tiny workpieces, or making repetitive cuts or angled cuts. A crosscut sled can improve your safety and accuracy at the table saw.

Build a Modern Coffee Table with Cross Lap Joints

Build a modern coffee table inspired by the classic Mid-century Modern George Nelson design bench. All of the parts for this bench are made using the table saw. The key to this bench’s construction is the cross lap joint, also called a half lap joint. This joint can be cut on the table saw with a standard blade. We show you how to cut these joints faster and easier by also using a dado set and Rockler Cross Lap Jig.

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