OK…It’s Time for ‘Plan B’

Or is it “Plan C” that you are working on right now? You know what I’m talking about, O Christmas gift builder, you ersatz Santa’s elf: you’ve got several gifts started, and the holiday deadline is looming large. We’ve all been there. In October our woodworking egos were too big for our table saws, and as the calendar turns to December, we finally realize that we either have to quit our day job and stay in the workshop 24-7, or come up with a reasonable excuse to miss the Yuletide deadline. (Malaria, time warps and being overwhelmed by quark particles have worked for me.)

Here is my advice. Prioritize, organize–and buy gift certificates!

So take heart, work well and hard and admit partial defeat before it is thrust upon you. Don’t let over-promised gift making turn you into a Scrooge. Maybe you can say that the projects in your shop are for next Christmas…it might just work!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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