OK … We Just Can’t Help Ourselves

Rob-Portrait351As most of you have determined by now, for the last couple of days, these web pages have been occupied by the 2012 April Fool’s edition of the eZine. Humor is, of course, highly subjective, and some of you have higher standards than yours truly – and find our annual attempt at hilarity, well, a trial. To you, I say the worst is over … this is a “real” eZine; read on and enjoy. Others enjoyed, and even chose to participate in, the April foolishness, examples of which you will find in our Feedback department.

With spring in full swing (with our annual rite of humor … or wrong, you decide … behind us) I am looking forward to doing some woodworking with my shop open to the fresh air and building some outdoor projects. I’ve also got a kitchen remodel that I am ready to pull the trigger on. How about you? What projects are on your woodworking horizon? Let us know, and we will be happy to share it with the rest of the eZine faithful. And if you have pictures … so much the better!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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